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Online workshops - 2020 IPEd accreditation exam

Dates: Saturday 11, 18 and 25 July 2020
Time: 11 am – 1 pm WA, 1 – 3 pm Tas, 3 – 5 pm NZ
Cost: IPEd Members $180; IPEd Affiliates $195; Non-members $275. This fee covers all 3 sessions, and you must attend all sessions.
Venue: Online via Zoom meetings. Details will be emailed to participants prior to the first session.

BOOKINGS CLOSE: Thursday 9 July 2020


Presented by one or more IPEd Accredited Editors, depending on numbers. There will be a maximum of 10 participants to 1 presenter.

This series of three two-hour online workshops is designed for people who intend to sit the IPEd Accreditation Exam in 2020 or contemplate taking it in the future.* It follows the new standardised IPEd syllabus for exam preparation workshops.
The workshops cover exam strategies including preparation, time management and effective use of resources, but the main focus is on the content in each of the three parts, and practical exercises to test editing knowledge and skills, similar to the kinds of questions asked in each of the three parts of the exam:

  • Language: Copyediting for language – that is, identifying and correcting spelling, grammar, syntax and word choice errors – with practice sentences and multiple-choice questions

  • Manuscript: How to approach the task of editing a short text, including following the brief, treatment of headings, creating a style sheet and raising queries for the author

  • Knowledge: Practice with questions and topics that might appear in this part of the exam, and discussion of how to choose questions effectively

Participants will need to have access to a reliable internet connection and a computer with a camera and microphone. Worksheets will be provided to complete on screen in exam-format PDF and Word (this will be good practice for the exam itself), or to print out for completion on paper. More information about workshop requirements will be provided after registration.

* Important note: this workshop series is restricted to potential exam candidates from New Zealand, Tasmania, Western Australia, overseas, and those in other Australian states who do not have the opportunity to attend the equivalent in-person workshops run by branches in the capital cities, e.g. because they live too far away. If the maximum number cannot accommodate everyone interested in the online version, it will be run again. Please do not book if you are in a capital city.

These workshops WILL NOT be recorded.


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