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Accreditation exam documents: tour (webinar)

This is a recording of a presentation by Linda Nix, AE, Chair of the IPEd Accreditation Board.

Duration: approximately 1 hour
Cost: $35 members, $20 students, $52 non-members.


The next IPEd accreditation exam is still onscreen, but there are some changes to the names and formats of the exam documents. This webinar covers these changes and provides a practical demonstration of how to use the documents in the exam, including:

  • navigating between different parts of the documents

  • answering multiple-choice and short-answer questions in the PDF forms

  • making edits and creating the style sheet in Word

  • using the Macquarie Dictionary Online

  • orking with multiple files and a browser open

  • keyboard shortcuts and other tips.

The webinar is recommended for anyone planning to sit the accreditation exam in 2020, and covers both PC and Mac users.


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