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Self-publishing: an author's perspective

Editors Qld member meeting Wednesday 3 April 2019

At our members meeting in April (non-members also welcome), we will hear the story of someone who had a wealth of stories to tell and finally decided, in his retirement, to tell them in print. Paul Richards found help in the form of a very capable editor, an EdsQ member. In August 2018, Paul Richards' self-published book, Adventures with Agitators, appeared.

Reflecting on the publishing process, Paul will address questions such as:

  • What is the value of engaging an editor?

  • What can editors most usefully offer a first-time author?

  • What should we be telling writers and prospective clients about the process of editing and publishing?


Date: Wednesday 3 April 2019
Time: 6.00 (for 6.30) pm (come at 6.00 pm for drinks and nibbles)
Venue: New Farm Library Hall, 135 Sydney St, New Farm
Cost: $12 members; $17 non-members; QWC members at EdsQ member rates - bring your membership receipt to the event. Books will be on sale, cash or card.

Join us for dinner at a nearby restaurant after the meeting.

About the presenter
Back in 1968, Paul Richards met Vivian Walker, finding a mutual interest in political theatre - and subsequently his mother Kath Walker (Oodgeroo Noonuccal), renowned Australian poet and political activist, and his brother, soon-to-be Black Panther Denis Walker. From there, Paul became involved with the Brisbane Tribal Council and other Indigenous groups, and was instrumental in setting up the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) in Queensland.

Paul worked for forty-three years as a solicitor for the ALS and in private practice. He met and worked with a multitude of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, many of whom earned the label of 'agitator' and wore that badge proudly.

Whether on country or in the courthouse, Paul bore witness to the disgraceful treatment of Queensland's Indigenous people and their courageous stand against that treatment.

After retiring, Paul sat down to contemplate whether and how he should tell those stories. With overwhelming encouragement from his Indigenous friends and colleagues, he finally finished his manuscript in August 2018. And then the work really began

Editors Queensland welcomes Paul as he tells the story of telling his story: his expectations as a first-time author; finding help in self-publishing; the reality of the editing, design and production process, not to mention the marketing and distribution.

This will be a fascinating presentation from many perspectives. Get agitated! Book now!


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