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EdsQ committee report August 2019

by Christine Atkinson, President

We had a good August, with a sold-out (and by all accounts excellent) workshop on academic editing with Laurel Mackinnon. We also held our Annual Branch Meeting with special guest author Mary-Rose MacColl, who was absolutely delightful (don't just take my word for it; MRM told us so herself!). It was brilliant to have five creative writing students from QUT join us for the evening.

Our membership is currently 240, including 139 professional members. In August we welcomed professional members Carody Culver and Catherine Bay, associate members Virginia Birt and Kerri Hruza, and student members Jenny Dooley, Suzanne Key and Chantelle Waddell.

Upcoming events
Our spring freelance lunch was held on Monday 26 August at Ole in South Bank.
We had planned for children's author Kayt Duncan to speak at our September member meeting, but Kayt's had a publishing delay for her twin-vision book and is going to come talk to us in November instead. Instead we have copyright expert Dr Kylie Pappalardo telling us everything we want to know about copyright and are not afraid to ask.

First national Zoom event
Our colleagues in Victoria have scored not one but two guest speakers for IPEd's first national member meeting via Zoom. Writer and editor Sophie Cunningham will chat with novelist Christos Tsiolkas about his experiences of being edited, what has helped, and how it's changed over his career. The event will be held during the first full week of September (date to be confirmed). This will be a ticketed event priced somewhere around the cost of a usual EdsQ member meeting.

Each IPEd branch is expected to take a turn each year hosting one of these national events, so if you have some ideas of who we could approach (especially if you have a contact), please let Lee know at edqld.events@iped-editors.org so we can start planning.


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