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It's been a busy year

Annual report of Editors Qld 2019

by Christine Atkinson, President

The Editors Queensland Annual Branch Meeting (ABM) was held on Wednesday 7 August at Motel on Gregory in Spring Hill, Brisbane. We were joined by special guest speaker Mary-Rose MacColl.

At our last ABM, our active financial membership was 256. That's now sitting at 238, so we've lost a few through the year. We still continue to receive new members most months, but our attrition rate is higher than our attraction rate at the moment; current members continue to renew their memberships.

Editors Queensland is an extremely thrifty branch (thanks in no small part to having the national chair as our budget officer!), and we ended the year with $409 to spare. This is largely due to our professional development workshops and increased member meeting attendance since we switched venue.

Some thankyous
I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in keeping Editors Queensland running smoothly this year.

The Editors Queensland management committee this year has been a core group of me as President, Ruth Davies as Vice President at large, Kerry Davies as Budget officer and IPEd Councillor, in addition to the many hats she wears at a national level; Glenine Hamlyn has been Web editor and Executive member, Charlotte Cottier has been the Secretary, Julia Sudull has been both OffPress editor and Website administrator, with proofreading support from Josephine Brown, and Patrice Shaw and Tamyka Bell have looked after EdsQ's social media. Lorraine Page joined the committee late last year as Training coordinator, taking over from Jenny Mathers, and I looked after Events until March, when Jacqueline Ross and Lee Ellwood stepped in to share the role, with catering support from Robin Bennett. Claire Heath also joined the committee recently as Freelance coordinator.

Desolie Page has been the Accreditation Board delegate and, at a national level, the Accreditation Board chair, while Gail Tagarro has been Queensland's mentoring coordinator and Lisa Hill has coordinated the Sunshine Coast group. In addition, several members have contributed content to OffPress, including member-meeting speaker reports, and summaries of different presenters and streams at the IPEd conference.

For a list of the new committee members, please click the link below this article.

A summary of our events
In August 2018 we had a panel discussion on accreditation at the ABM and held a marketing workshop with Brett Osmond.

Our September guest speaker was novelist Kathy Hoopmann, who talked about writing for children who may feel like they don't fit in, and for dogs who don't care if they fit in or not.

In October, in lieu of a guest speaker, we held 'Secret Editors Business' (a not-so-secret discussion of diverse matters pertaining to editing) and had a surprising turnout of fresh and returning attendees. Peter Riches provided a workshop on building your editing toolkit.

Our end of year dinner in November was held at The Ship Inn at South Bank. We were joined by a member who lives in Finland, so that was a lovely bonus.

We started 2019 with a picnic at the City Botanic Gardens in January. In February Patrice Shaw and Kirsty Ogden presented a workshop on building alliances for self-publishing. At the member meeting we had nibbles and networking and each shared a piece of good news at our new venue, the New Farm Library hall.

Our March guest speaker, Laurel Mackinnon, drew a huge crowd. She spoke knowledgeably about academic editing as both an editor and an academic.

In April we had a freelance lunch in Milton and great member meeting talk from lawyer, activist and writer Paul Richards, joined by his editor Kerry Davies. We skipped the member meeting in May, as it was the same week as the IPEd conference in Melbourne.

Our June speaker was our own Belinda Pollard. This a very well attended session on editing personal trauma stories and how to protect yourself from vicarious trauma.

And our most recent speaker, in July, was Kristina Olsson, who shared her experience as a writer of jumping between fiction and non-fiction books. Laurel Mackinnon also presented a sold-out workshop on academic editing.

And now, here we are in August again!

Order of the Grape
I'd like to acknowledge the efforts of some people who have made a great contribution to Editors Queensland and to IPEd this year by recognising them as members of the Order of the Grape.

Our OffPress editor Julia Sudull has been coordinating, editing and laying out our monthly newsletter for a few years now. We are about to start trialling a digital newsletter ahead of IPEd moving to a national newsletter.

Glenine Hamlyn has been our Website Editor for the past few years and makes sure you are all kept up to date with events and news on the website.

Charlotte Cottier was our conference secretary in 2017 and has stayed on as committee secretary, doing a great job keeping account.

One of the key benefits of a national professional organisation is recognition for the profession through the accreditation program. Desolie Page has been Queensland's accreditation board representative and a key driver of the accreditation exam. Desolie is already a member of the Order and is now plus bar.

And Kerry Davies wears so many hats it's amazing we can see her face at all. Despite her many years at the helm of IPEd and Editors Queensland, Kerry was inducted into the Order only two years ago, and today is plus bar.


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