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Offpress July 2019

There is plenty for everyone in the July edition of Editors Queensland's signature newsletter, Offpress. Here are some highlights:

  • an article by EdsQ member Gail Scarlett on the presentation by award-winning author Kristina Olsson at the July member meeting, entitled Playing hopscotch - the writer in fiction and nonfiction

  • Succeeding on the marginal path: an article by EdsQ member Melissa Giles, based on an interview with writer and editor Gaele Sabott, about the realities and political implications of working as a disabled person (in Sabott's use of the term this means disabled by society)

  • a reminder of the Editors Queensland Annual Branch Meeting on Wednesday 7 August, to which all are invited, with guest speaker Mary-Rose MacColl

  • a note on changes to the way we deliver Offpress (yes, indeed - exciting news)
  • the announcement of the first-ever get-together of editors (and would-be editors) in Cairns on Saturday 7 September

  • more articles on presentations at the 2019 IPEd National Editors Conference

  • a list of training and events in the coming months.


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