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PerfectIt webinar

With bonus course discount

Hilary Cadman, academic editing specialist and IPEd member with Editors Queensland, is presenting this webinar, which is being offered by Editors Victoria. This is the chance to pose any questions you have about PerfectIt or to find out more about the program. See below for bonuses available for those who sign up to the webinar.

Date: Wednesday 17 July 2019
Time: 7:30 - 8:30 pm AEST
Standard fee: Members & affiliate organisations (other IPEd branches, Writers Victoria, ASTC, ANZSI) $35, non-members $35
Bookings close: Monday 15 July 2019


If you use a PC and want to know more about PerfectIt, now is your chance!
Editors Victoria is offering

  • a Q&A webinar with Hilary Cadman at which Hilary will answer any questions you have about PerfectIt

  • bonus discounted PerfectIt courses for webinar participants: a 40% discount on Hilary Cadman's Introduction to PerfectIt, Advanced PerfectIt or a bundle of the two courses (PerfectIt from go to whoa) to the first 40 people who sign up before 15 July.

Wow! If you buy Hilary's PerfectIt course bundle, the generous discount she is offering just about covers the cost of the webinar.

After you register for the webinar, we will send you a link and discount code for the courses.

Hilary will send you an invitation to join the Q&A webinar a couple of days beforehand.

Note 1: The courses are based on PerfectIt 3 on a PC, so are not suitable for those using the cloud version of the program on a Mac.
Note 2: It is not necessary to have completed Hilary's PerfectIt courses before the webinar. You will still get a lot out of it.


Dr Hilary Cadman is a highly experienced technical editor and trainer, with a PhD in biochemistry and a masters in science communication. Hilary has used PerfectIt since 2010, when she started work on a PerfectIt style sheet for WHO style; she is passionate about passing on her knowledge of the program.