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Accreditation exam 2018

Registration closed

This year, the accreditation exam will be held on Saturday 19 May in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and, subject to demand, Hobart, and will be offered in an onscreen format.

The three-hour, open-book exam assesses candidates' knowledge and use of the Australian standards for editing practice, and tests a wide variety of editorial skills - including:

  • structural editing and copyediting

  • permission and copyright issues

  • the ability to identify defamation

  • project management.

Candidates who pass the exam are certified by the IPEd Accreditation Board as capable of applying the editorial skills described in the Standards, and can use the postnominal AE for 'accredited editor'. Prospective employers and clients in the Australian business, government, education and publishing sectors recognise that 'AE' is a reliable indicator of competence.

"When I sat the first-ever accreditation exam in 2008, I wasn't working full time as an editor. However, full-time editing work was where I was aiming, and I realised that accreditation was a very important step towards nationwide recognition of the profession - a benchmark - which had until then been lacking. Becoming an AE also increased my confidence in my day-to-day work as a professional editor."
- Gail Tagarro, AE

"I'd worked as a writer and editor, both in-house and freelance, for quite a few years before sitting the IPEd exam. Accreditation confirmed that my skills met the national standard. My clients and colleagues have shown interest in what it means to be an accredited editor, and the resulting conversations have given me more opportunities to raise the profile of editing as a profession."
- Jo Vabolis, AE

Registration for the exam has now closed.


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