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The first Offpress for 2017

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Welcome to the first issue of Offpress for 2017: February 2017. Here are some of the highlights to whet your appetite:

Lead story
Great writing informs great copy editing by Mark Allen of the American Copy Editors Society

Grammar column
Suffixes by Coral Hartley

Sunshine coast subgroup lunch
Come and meet EdsQ President, Ruth Davies

February meeting report
Maggy Saldais on the benefits and disadvantages of being both writer and editor

Committee report
Find out all the latest on the conference preparations and other EdsQ news from the President, Ruth Davies AE

Annual picnic
Photos and poem by Ruth Davies AE

The Rosie Award

Important dates

Book review
Writing for science journals: tips, tricks and a learning plan by Stephen White

Australian Copyright Council's national seminar series
Vision Australia's Creating accessible documents: Word and PDF

Mentoring news

A tale of two editors
Lots on in What's on and much, much more!


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