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The Society of Editors (Qld) turns 25!

In 2015 the Society of Editors (Queensland) celebrated its 25th anniversary. Below is an excerpt from a speech delivered by Kerry Davies at the 20th anniversary.

'On 10 October 1990, to quote: "an enthusiastic gathering of 86 people" at the Transcontinental Hotel, Roma Street, "gave evidence to the fact that a Society of Editors was needed in Queensland to meet the professional requirements of editors, writers, designers, typesetters, printers and others involved in

And so, in November 1990, with the publication of the first newsletter, Editio Princeps, edited by Dolores Moore, began the Society of Editors (Queensland), thanks to the untiring efforts of Janette Whelan and Mary-Jane Bosch, inaugural president and vice-president respectively, and others, to provide a much-needed and long-awaited voice for workers in the publishing industry.

1991 saw the first issue of Offpress, with Dee Moore still as editor.'


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