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Membership renewal deadline now 4 November 2015

Time is running out for membership renewals - if you are a member and haven't renewed, don't delay. The IPEd vote opens on 4 October on SurveyMonkey and closes with our Special General Meeting on 4 November and you must be a financial member to vote.

And, more importantly, no renewal means no Offpress, no website member-only access, no IPEd member-only access, no training discounts, no discounts to speaker meetings, no discount to sit the IPEd accreditation exam or attend the national conference, no Freelance Register entry (full members only), no invitations to freelance editors lunches or other networking events, no access to the Society's Facebook page or Secret Editors' Business (and no vote in the IPEd ballot).

The official renewal cut-off was 31 August but, as we want as many members as possible voting, we're now giving you until 4 November to renew. If you haven't already done so, please renew by then or you will lose your membership benefits. And you don't want to lose those.

It's easy to renew online (logon to editorsqld.com) and pay by PayPal or EFT. Alternatively, complete the attached form onscreen and email back to members@editorsqld.com. If you have a Freelance Register entry, don't forget to renew that subscription also.


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