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Next Meeting: Wednesday 9 July

The July meeting will present an open forum on the transition of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) towards direct membership.

Over the past two years, IPEd and its member societies have done an amazing amount of work to ascertain what we all want of our memberships and how we will attain it, surveying members, researching how other professional associations operate and building operating plans and budgets. Generally, we want more and better services from our professional association, without the current heavy reliance on volunteers.

Panel members Robin Bennett (Professional Development team), Roberta Blake (Legal & Governance), Karl Craig (Finance & Operations), Kerry Davies (Membership) and Rebecca Harris (Communication) will join special guest Rosemary Noble, Project Manager of the transition process, to explain the process, answer your questions and hear your comments.

Come along and have your say - it's your Society, and you're a part of IPEd.


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