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Fees for 2014-15

Fees for 2014-15

The Management Committee has announced the new fees for 2014-15. For new members, these take effect from 1 April 2014. Renewals for 2014-15 will be called in May.

With the move to direct membership of IPEd by 2015-16, there will this year be an additional transition levy of $45, taking the total levy to $70 per member, regardless of membership level or fees paid. This is outlined in the Business Case that was presented to societies last year in the lead-up to the November vote and in the Memorandum of Understanding that Council is asking societies to consider.

As a result, the societies will need to raise their fees to be able to pay the levy and cover their normal operational costs for 2014-15. The Management Committee of the Society of Editors (Qld) has considered the increase and agreed to pass on the levy within the 2014-15 fees without further fee rises. The Freelance Register fee (full members only) will remain unchanged at $40 per year.

Passing on the $45 transition levy as a flat rate to both full members and associates creates a disproportionate increase for associate members. Therefore, in fairness to associates, including students, the Committee has agreed to distribute the levy with a higher amount to be paid by full members than associates.

Following is the fee structure for 2014-15, agreed by at the Committee meeting of 19 March 2014 and ratified by the General Meeting of 2 April 2014 (moved Susan Prior, seconded Michael Lefcourt).

Note that new members joining between April and June 2014 will be rolled over to the 2014-15 membership year at the increased rate. Renewals are due on 30 June and can be paid from 1 June 2014, with a cut-off of 31 August. A renewal notice will be sent during May. It is expected that direct membership of IPEd will be in place before the 2015-16 membership year, so that new members from April 2015 and renewals for 2015-16 will be under IPEd's national fee structure.

Fees for 2014-15


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