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March meeting: Communication, mentoring and diplomacy

On her website, Sue's Place, Sue introduces herself as 'the deadfish lady', a geoscience consultant with '500 million years of Dead Fish Knowledge [and] over 45 years' experience as a scientist and historian of science'. Her degrees, professional memberships and associations span the fields of geology, palaeontology, museology, zoology and (of course) editing, and her scientific publications number into the hundreds.

During the last 14 years, Sue, through her consultancy, has offered her considerable scientific knowledge and skills as a science writer and editor to non-English speaking academics. Most of Sue's clients are scientists or historians of science who wish to submit their manuscripts to 'top' journals. They hail from many countries - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Burma, China, France, Germany, Iran, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and The Netherlands - and write across many scientific topics.

Please come and join your fellow editors on March 5 and listen as Sue tells us about the joys and challenges of editing for non-English speaking clients.


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