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Ebooks 101 training for editors on 7 March

Sarah JH Fletcher will be leading a one day workshop on the fundamentals of ebooks at Ruth Fairfax House, 89 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill. Full details are in our training section (see link below).

  • Ebooks 101 for editors - Presented by Sarah JH Fletcher at Ruth Fairfax House, 89 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill (9am-4pm), the course will cover
    What is an ebook?
    What is the role of the editor in ebook publishing?
    How are ebooks created?
    How do you assess the quality of an ebook?
    How are errors in ebooks corrected?
    How can editors best work with technical staff and outside suppliers?
    What are some of the big-picture issues affecting ebook publishing?
    What's next?
    After the course, you will be given access to an ebook and some hands-on correction exercises to try, using free software.

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