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Accreditation: Renewal of accreditation deadline; 2014 exam announced

2014 exam announced
The fifth IPEd accreditation exam will be held on Saturday 3 May 2014. Like the previous four exams, this will be a pen and paper exam.

Passing the IPEd accreditation exam demonstrates an editor's professional competence and understanding of editing standards, skills and knowledge.

Registrations for the exam open on Monday 6 January and close on Monday 7 April. The cut-off date for early bird registrations and payments is Friday 7 March. All registrations must be made on the registration form (see note below) and accompanied by the relevant fee. All fees, however paid, must be received by IPEd by close of business on 7 April.

The exam fees are:
Financial members of a society of editors: Sitting first time: $570; early bird $540 Re-sitting: $285; early bird $270
Non-members of a society of editors: Sitting first time: $725; early bird $690 Re-sitting: $362; early bird $345

GST is not applicable. Members of a society who are not financial at the time of registration will be charged the non-member fee. Exam fees may be tax deductible.

The fee has been calculated as the minimum required to cover exam costs in 2014. It is based on a target number of applicants and, if this target is not reached, the Accreditation Board may postpone the exam until 2015. There will be no limit placed on the number of candidates who may sit the exam; all candidates who register and pay the fee by the closing date will be accommodated.

Two sample exams are available from the IPEd website. Both sample exams are very good indicators of what you can expect in May, and trialling them will help you decide whether you are ready for the real thing. It is recommended that you not attempt the exam unless you have at least three years' full-time professional editing experience.

A workshop will be held in early March 2014 to guide members in deciding whether to sit the exam and assist candidates in preparing for it. Information about accreditation, including full guidelines and trial exams, are on the IPEd website.

Renewal of accreditation
Editors accredited in 2008: application for renewal of your accreditation close on 31 January 2014. Yes, that is an extension of one month.

Those who don't renew their accreditation will no longer be able to call themselves 'Accredited Editor' or to use the AE post-nominal.

Your application should take about an hour to complete, and simply asks you to demonstrate your continuing involvement in the editing profession, and your participation in professional development activities.

The application form and guidelines are available at the IPEd website.


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