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October meeting: Anne-Maree Britton talks editorial criticism, strategic dating and commercial flair

October meeting: We talk editorial criticism, strategic dating and commercial flair with Anne-Maree Britton

Our guest speaker for the October General Meeting is Anne-Maree Britton, former director of the ACT Writers Centre, literary festival director and current Qld Literary Awards (QLA) volunteer.

Anne-Maree's directorship of the ACT Writers Centre spanned 16 years, during which time she programmed the Centre's offering of more than 40 annual literary events and directed the Canberra Readers and Writers Festival on eight occasions.

After moving to Queensland in 2011, Anne-Maree volunteered for the QLA, offering her knowhow in digital marketing by designing the QLA's website and managing its Facebook and Twitter presence.

As an author, Anne-Maree has had a collection of short stories published – Wicked Women (2003) – and has had other short stories, articles and poems appear in various publications since 1984.

Anne-Maree will focus on three areas of importance to editors. In her presentation, Anne-Maree will talk about how authors respond to editorial criticism, the strategic dating games played by writers and editors, and how editors can survive in the commercial world.

Please join us on October 7, 2013 for For the love of words: Editorial criticism, strategic dating and commercial flair


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