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Conference update: IPEd plenary

The IPEd Council decided at the 2012 AGM that it was timely to review IPEd and its various functions. A working party was formed to get this process underway – Rosemary Noble (Victoria), Susan Rintoul (SA) and Cathy Nicoll (Canberra). As a starting point the working party asked each society to revisit the results of a 2009 survey of members and to submit broad responses to a range of questions about IPEd activities, both current and aspirational.

A discussion paper and draft proposal was sent to the IPEd Council and to all society members around the country for discussion and debate in the lead-up to the IPEd national conference in Perth in April 2013.

At the conference an open session was held to air all delegates' comments and suggestions and formulate a strategy for IPEd's future.


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