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Life members

The following members of the former Society of Editors (Qld) were honoured with life membership at various stages of the organisation's journey because of their commitment to SocEd (Qld) and their contribution to its development. Their life membership continues under the organisation's new name of Editors Queensland and new status as a branch of IPEd.

Robin Bennett AE
Robin Bennett convened the first national editors conference in 2003 and served the Society as acting and elected president from February 2005 to... 

Kerry Davies AE
Kerry Davies AE became president of the Society in September 2010, narrowly saving it from an untimely demise due to volunteer burnout. She was... 

Barbara Ker Wilson
Barbara was elected president of the Society in August 2000 and was the speaker at the first Society meeting in November 1990. 

Jan Whelan DE
Jan was the Society's inaugural president from 1990 to 1992 and gave an extraordinary amount of time and energy to the Society. Jan's roles have... 

Mary-Jane Bosch
From her first involvement as inaugural vice-president in 1990, Mary-Jane gave freely of her time in many ways: delivering seminars for the Society,... 

John Collins
John Collins, managing director of Jacaranda Press, provided sterling assistance to the fledgling Society with monetary and in-kind help until 1993,... 

Laurie Muller
Laurie Muller, managing director of UQ Press, provided sterling assistance to the Society in its early years with funding and other help.