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Renew your IPEd membership

If you were a member of the Society of Editors (Qld) at 30 June 2016, your membership records in that society, now Editors Queensland and a branch of IPEd, have been transferred to IPEd.

By now you should have received your IPEd membership renewal invitation. It contains your Member Code. You need this code to register for the Member Portal of IPEd. When you first register for the member portal, please read the member portal guide and follow the instructions.

If you have already registered and set your password for the member portal, go to IPEd Member Portal and log in using your username and the password that you set up. When you have logged in, click on My Subscriptions in the menu on the left and select your subscription to renew.

If you had an entry in the Freelance register, your entry will also be transferred to IPEd's new Editors Directory, but Editors Queensland will maintain its freelance register on its own website for an interim period.