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Management Committee

President: Ruth Davies AE
Vice-President: vacant
Budget Officer: Kerry Davies AE
Secretary: Adele Fletcher
Mentoring Coordinator: Roberta Blake
Executive Member: Robin Bennett AE

Other committee positions
Member Liaison: vacant
Training: vacant
Website (admin): Julia Sudull
Website (content): Glenine Hamlyn AE
Events: Christine Atkinson
Offpress editor: Julia Sudull
Offpress proofreader: Josephine Brown AE
Facebook administrator: Patrice Shaw
Twitter administrator: Tamyka Bell
Accreditation Board representative: Desolie Page AE
Venue & Catering: Robin Bennett and Maggie Saldais
Freelance Networking Coordinator: Kirsty Ogden
IPEd Councillor: Kerry Davies AE
QWC & Festivals Liaison: Belinda Pollard
Regional Coordinator (Sunshine Coast & hinterland): Lisa Hill

For general enquiries please contact us using the form provided. For specific enquiries, contact individual members of the Management Committee. (Click on their name above.)