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Editors Queensland is a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

The IPEd membership system gives you access to the online member portal. As a member you can visit the IPEd member portal, which is linked to the IPEd website, to:
review and update your details
renew or apply to change your subscription
book and pay for events
subscribe to the Editors Directory (ED), if eligible, and enter and maintain your directory entry
pay outstanding subscriptions and invoices
access members-only information.

Applications for membership

Members of IPEd have access to variety of events, professional development opportunities and editing resources.
For details of eligibility criteria, member benefits and how to apply for membership, please visit the IPEd website membership page.

The IPEd Editors Directory
If you are an IPEd member you are warmly advised to set up an entry in the IPEd national Editors Directory. You can do this via the member portal of IPEd.


Be part of Editors Queensland (EdsQ) - a branch of IPEd

When you fill in your IPEd joining or renewal form, you will be asked to nominate a state branch to belong to. That makes you a member of the state branch you choose to be part of. EdsQ welcomes you! In addition to the benefits you receive as a member of the national body, IPEd, EdsQ offers you further advantages:

Monthly meetings

Come along to our Brisbane meetings and participate in informative speaker presentations and professional networking.


Receive Offpress, the official newsletter of EdsQ (ten issues a year). Regular features include:

  • reports from EdsQ's monthly meeting
  • articles about topics and issues relevant to members
  • upcoming events, training opportunities and conferences
  • updates from the latest blogs, websites, and online resources
  • the President's monthly report about Society initiatives.

Professional development

Gain knowledge and skills through EdQ's professional development program, which includes:

  • training workshops from current industry professionals
  • mentoring and peer support
  • national conferences
  • information about accreditation
  • information about recent developments in the profession.

Access to member-only resources

Access the member-only section on this website, where you can:

  • read Offpress
  • investigate job opportunities
  • post member notices
  • access advice on aspects of professional practice.

Connect to Facebook

One of the benefits of belonging to EdsQ is that you can also join our Facebook group. Keep up to date with information about editing and publishing. Chat with other members, share your concerns, offer your advice, post job leads. Just remember that if your IPEd membership lapses, your EdsQ Facebook group membership will also be deleted.